Artistic Approach


Abstraction, or more precisely dreamlike abstraction, a movement to which I think I belong, is a misunderstood current. He is often underestimated by his lack of proximity to reality.                     The approach chosen here upsets all of this!

My memory records a succession of memories, landscapes, materials, forms, or natural and real elements, from the infinitely small to the largest to create compositions of abstract forms.

Visual art allowed me to explain my artistic conception by making this montage entitled:        "Abstract Memorial".

A common thread that awakens our senses and our distant memories: music, a mixture of sensory melodies and thrilling rhythms. She hypnotizes to revive or resuscitate emotions captured by photographs or videos. These accumulations are stored. They are then interpreted through gestures, shapes, colors today frozen on canvas.

"The Palimpsest of Memory"

The theory of Charles Baudelaire in "The Palimpsest" extract from "Visions of Oxford" in "The Artificial Paradise" supports my approach.

What is the human brain, if not a huge and natural palimpsest? My brain is a palimpsest and so is your reader. Innumerable layers of ideas, images, feelings fell successively on our brain, as gently as light. It seemed that each buried the previous one. But none actually perished.           

  "The Palimpsest" Charles BAUDELAIRE         

Imagine then that my photographs and videos are successive layers of my memory which allowed to realize pictorial compositions to create my paintings and my abstract universe.

The Palimpsest of Memory takes place all at once, with all its layers superimposed on deceased feelings, mysteriously embalmed in what we call oblivion.

  "The Palimpsest" Charles BAUDELAIRE            

So spectator, don't let your emotions be forgotten, awaken them! A look at the dreamlike abstraction challenges. It disrupts your senses. Upset or pensive you have just been stung by the curious world of Emilie SERRIS.