From the age of 12, Emilie SERRIS studied plastic arts, after a BAC literary arts and a Bachelor of Arts she immersed herself in this world of dreamlike expressionism. At the Maison des Artistes since 2011, after a detour in interior architecture, she returns to her first passions, painting. She exhibits in various cities of France through exhibitions and international fairs, personal or collective exhibitions as well as in art galleries in France and abroad.

To paint what we see and not what we know.

Dreamlike world

My work comes from abstraction to plunge us into a dreamlike world, sometimes surreal. 

We immerse ourselves in the middle of natural elements in movement: lightning, smoke, splash of water ... to arouse a reaction. 

Abstract or figurative forms appear. 

In the end, we obtain an alchemy to create a connection, an energy in which emotions and ideas spring up and illuminate. 

My artistic journey tells on the canvas a bubbling of the mind on a feeling, an action, or a cultural heritage to ask us about the consequences of our actions, which will be the echo of another tomorrow. 

The choice of an abstract base with certain figurative elements gives a wider place to the development of thought in that we are less influenced by too much concrete information so the viewer sharpens a more spontaneous feeling. 

And it is with this awakening of meaning that the light of the spirit, springing from a thousand shines, will reveal all its minute splendor.

"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes it visible" Paul KLEE


Dreamlike Expressionism

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